6th December

I remember those innocent and happy days when we talked about how our life would be after some years. We were hopeful and ambitious. We almost planned to make our life cheerful. We moved apart with a hope of becoming someone we have dreamed of. We also planned for travelling and meeting each other during our summer and winter breaks or get together if we spend the vacation at home.

Those two three months after our secondary examination and before the declaration of results, were the period when we spent time together almost every day. In the evening, he would come to pick me up on his black Honda Activa. I still remember him speeding his bike from our front gate, wearing his usual black Adidas tracksuit with white strips on each side, a spectacle on his fair and wide not smooth face. He was all the time concerned to cure his pimples.

We used to play with him by removing his glass. He would try to open his eyes wide open, hold the objects near his eyes and try to see it clearly which he never could. Imagine how a myopic person with diopters above minus five-six would react without his glass. We really made some good memories out of it, although he never liked it. 

Those days were the time when Babu Hotel at Khurai was so popular and the food items that we get for 100 bucks were more than enough for two people. And it was delicious too. We never had the overpriced restaurants like we now have. Some of the famous name I could remember were Hotel Airlines, Nikheel Cafe, Tasty Taste and some other.

There was a South Indian hotel, which was famous for samosas. It was our frequently visited place for evening tea and snacks. One day while we were sitting inside of it, he got mad over the hotel owner, although I came to knew about it when he told me on our way back home. Actually the owner had addressed him “Taamo” (respectful gesture for calling an older person) when he was still younger than me and was only 18.

Almost every evening we used to drive across the river, on that small wooden bridge every day.  Sometimes we stopped and watch over the two floored white building that he frequently asked me to. He was happy and excited to tell me that she used to come up on the terrace for sun drying their clothes. Sometimes he was scared enough to even drive across the river. Later he would tell me the man standing on the other side, in front of her house, was her brother. But he never stopped to take me with him and drove pass over the bridge every evening. 

But the cruel world and its creator were so jealous of our life down here, a life without sorrow and hatred but only happiness. We were moving so fast creating happy memories day by day. Until our life started to crumble and cripple. We haven’t completed our one year away from home when he missed out his first semester exam. He had already taken his leave and left the college. It started to break us apart slowly. And when it does so, it got worse and never gave a chance to recover. 

There was not WhatsApp during those days, to chat every minute and to share pictures. I remember one day when he asked me to share my pictures through MMS. It charges us around three rupees per message. One of my picture got so much attention to him. I was sitting on a tree branch which I thought it was great. And now I realised, it was not. He laughed out loud after some long days. And I was happy hearing his laugh on the phone call. But my mood was changed in a blink when I saw a picture of him. He had trimmed his hair very short. And I still regretted for what I asked him, 

“Has it started to fall?”

I didn’t knew he had became so matured during those days. He laughed and replied,

“No it hasn’t. Don’t worry about it. It will be fine.”

But not very long after that day, our connection was lost. Yes I do hear about him from others. But not his voice, it was never heard. And the moments that we spent at home during those memorable months, before we separated were the best memories of him. He was more of my best friend than a brother.

I am wishing you a very happy birthday on this 6th of December. Everyone still missed you. 

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