One Chance

How often do we get a chance to live a life? Everyone knows, only once.

But the question is, do we really live in the way we had hoped for and we have dreamt of? Only a few people do.

And is it because we never like to have one? No it is not. Who would not want a life full of happiness and surrounded by people whom they love.

Everyone is dreaming about it. But we never try to reach there. We get satisfied so soon that we never believe in ourselves. We never get ready to take risks to achieve more reward.

But instead we start believing and take more seriously to other’s opinions telling us that we could not go any further. We console ourselves to move on with what we have got and consider it perfect.

Starting from our childhood we were already warned of getting failed even before we knew the real meaning of success.

To me success is not getting high marks or becoming a topper in his or her class. Success is not having lots of money but living our life in the way we want, doing what we aspire to do and living without any regrets.

So make use of this one chance in full strength, never fear taking risks. It is what that will make our life worth living

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