When I looked back at the year 2019

I could see almost everyone in my contact uploading pictures and videos of celebration, wishing goodbye to the year 2019 and eagerly waiting to welcome 2020.

And here I am, sitting on my table, with a tablet and a laptop, a diary and a pen and some books beside me. I do not know if this is the reason for me being alone. If so, I really do not mind being this way for some more time. I am so happy that no one would dare to believe me.

To make a memorable goodbye, I tried to recall some of my memories from the year 2019.

20th January

I went to see The Maphou dam, with my three brothers and two cousins. People knew it by the name Chadong village. It was very popular and was a hot picnic spot for many people until a shocking tragedy hit. It was closed to the visitors and further boating on the lake was stopped by the government. But we had one of the best times together.

  • Sashi, Dixon, Sumax, Rayson,Nongthang,Julius

10th February

I decided to make a bookshelf of my own. In the beginning, there were around only 20 books but now I am in need of another book shelf very soon. The main collections are both fiction and non-fiction books as well as diaries.

3rd March

I was sitting at a vehicle servicing centre when I saw a boy, around six or seven years of age. He was cute and soon he sat near me and watched me while I browsed my phone. A man, with whom the boy came and later came to know he was his uncle, did some hand gestures and went out. After some time, he came inside with a packet of chips. The boy without speaking a single word seems like telling his uncle that he did not like it. The man went out again and he followed his uncle outside and it was at that moment I saw a hearing aid attached on the left ear of the boy. When I realized the things going on around me, I thought to ask the name of the boy and his address, but he never came back inside. They had left.

8th September

Went to see an Art exhibition where my cousin’s brother was displaying some of his painting. It was his first exhibition so the encouragement was very important. Overall that day went pretty well and successfully for him too.

11th & 12th October

For the first time I took part in a Literature festival. It was in the “Ukiyo Literature Festival, 2019” organized by Ukiyo Bookstore, celebrating their completion of one year successfully in giving service to all the book lovers of Manipur. There were many authors and writers from around the country. I even got a chance to take their signed autographs.

  • With Amrita Mahale, the writer of “Milk Teeth”

  • With Jerry Pinto, the writer of “Murder in Mahim”

  • With Preeti Gill, the editor of “She Stoops To Kill” a collection of short stories

There are many memorable and happy incidents. But I decided to write only five of those memories. By the way, I am hoping to do better in the year 2020 and I will. I am wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 and may you all taste the taste of success in this New Year. Stay Blessed.

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