The Real People

In this present day when people hardly find time to help or talk with people, we need to know something important about who the real people are.

If people don’t really like or care about someone, then never imagine that

  • Helping them will make them soft hearted.
  • Buying and presenting things they like will not matter for real.
  • Sacrificing for them despite having so many needs for ourselves does not matter either.
  • Forgiving them will inspire them to treat us worse.

What matters most to them?

  • They should do and get everything they desire regardless of our feelings (sad and depressed)
  • Never bother what we are going through in our life. They tend to remember us only in their worst times.
  • They just want to take care and hear from those who they think are important to them, no matter how helpful we are.
  • They will never treat us in the same way like we do, no matter how good and helpful we are.

What we really need to know is, never expect anything from anyone. Just be yourself. If something unexpected comes in our way, think twice before accepting it. Because, mostly these real people are the ones who are living around us. 

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