Welcoming the New Year 2018 with the beautiful memories.

2017 was a year filled with good and happy memories. In the first week of January itself, I got a job. Which I thought was a good luck sign for the rest of the year. I met new friends and spend quality time with the old ones. Some friends got married but they are still the same person with the god’s grace. Some took out time to help when I needed them, some gave needful advice when I was facing problem and some console me when I was disappointed or was in stress.

I thank God for making my year beautiful and memorable. It will be a year worth remembering. I pray to him to make this New Year more blessed. I wish that I will be able to follow my dreams and taste the flavor of success in the coming year too.

But before the New Year 2018 reached among us, I want to take some last minute of time to flash some of my best memories from 2017. I have chosen one best memories from every month of the year. I am so happy to be able to share these memories to all.


Mom got hospitalized. She slipped and fell down, broke her elbow joint. An operation was carried out. But the thing was not more than one member was allowed to accompany the patient in the hospital during the night time. My aunt was going to stay with my mom that forces me to think. Because I was thinking that someone should stay close to my mom apart from my aunt. So I called up one of my friend whose home was near to the hospital. I told him the situation and he without saying or asking anything reply me to come whenever I wanted to. I stayed in his place and being a true and good friend, he helped me out.


On 03rd February, we had a dinner party with my brothers and cousins at their residence. It was a first get together party for the Year. Family comes first. No matter where do you stay or how far you are, when time comes they will show up first and stand by your side all the time. We enjoyed the night, our two cousin brothers were singing songs and playing guitars. Cousin Sister was the cook and rest of us was the audience. That was a family enjoyment.



            The 12th of the month was Holi,the festival of colors. We called it Yaoshang in Manipuri (language spoken in Manipur). In the first day of Yaoshang, we make small temporary hut mostly by straw (the dry stalks of cereal plants) and bamboo. When the sun has sets, we pray to god offering fruits and sweets and burnt the hut. We called the burning “Yaoshang Mei Thaba”. After that, children will go to houses to houses for monetary donation. People follow the old culture and donate any amount they can to the children.

It is celebrated everyday but the memory was that I missed the first day as I went to a hospital to see my uncle, who met with a minor accident that day. So in order to see the rituals, some of our cousins were going live in Facebook. I follow their live feeds and enjoyed the day.


            One of the biggest festivals “Sajibu Cheiraoba” was celebrated on April 14th. All the people of Manipur will celebrate by cleaning their houses and surrounding as it is consider as the Lunar New Year. On this day, we cooked variety of dishes and pray to God by offering those dishes at the front gate. We will clean a small portion of area in front of the gate and decorate it with mud and flowers. After the preparation of dishes, we will offer it placing on the well cut plate shaped banana leaf accompanying with other necessary items of fruits and flowers, candle, incense stick and water.


            Some of the co-workers decided to go for an unplanned trip to a park, Awunching Park . Although it was a busy day in office, 9 of us took out time and make the plan successful on 20th of the month. Finally we got some fresh air and time to refresh our mind. It was a first outing with the co-workers. We were tired from the busy schedule but it was a memorable one.


Nothing memorable thing happen in June accept I went for a medical checkup. And shockingly, I found out that I have fatty liver. I had some medication for around two months. I can’t remember anything from June.


            It was rainy season in Manipur. It has been raining for past two three days. But suddenly, that day 1st July, the water level rises up and the office campus were flooded within some minutes. The water was about to touch the engines of the two wheeler vehicle. At that time I decided to get down to the flooding water when it was still raining to take out my vehicle out of the water. I help to take out the vehicles for some of my co-workers too, but in the process I found out that I was nearly fully wet. It was not possible to get back to the office again so I came back home straight. When I reached, I made a hot coffee and help myself to get warm.


            We had a get together of cousins on 13th of August at the residence of one of our aunt. It was after a long time that we happened to meet together. For the last five-six years one or another will be out of station that we never get time to be together. But after a long time reunion of all of us was indeed a happy and memorable one.





We have been planning for an one Office get together party from a long time. And it was successfully organised on 2nd of the month. It was due to the hard work of the organizer that made it possible. We decided to meet up at the office residence and start from there together. We went to Kakching Garden and had our lunch together. After that, we decided to reach Tlaang Lhung Bung or Langol Peak Garden. It is one of the beautiful Tourist Attraction spot in Manipur. We spent some unforgettable quality time together.



          First: On 6th of the month,  I went for hill trekking in Heingang Ching for the first time with my workout group.

Second: On 8th of the month, some of my office friends came at my place for early morning hill trekking. For information, my home is at the foot of a hill in Manipur. So we do hill trekking most of the time in the morning. I hope they had a good time that day. When people are happy and their face filled up with smile for any reason related to me, I feel happy more than them.

Third: It was a month when we celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights and “Ningol Chakouba” a festival in Manipur where the brothers invite their married sister for a lunch and present them gift. It is celebrated to keep the bond of love between the brothers and sisters strong no matter where they live or with whom they stay. The relationship of a brother and sister is the most precious gift God has given to the siblings.



            If I am to talk about the special memory of November then it will be about my birthday. There was no celebration or party but, at least I had decided to give some birthday treats to my office co-workers. Without them knowing, I brought some snacks for all of them. They were surprise to know that it was my birthday except for some of them.

But, as a result of my surprise given to them, next day my co-workers gave me another surprise. They had actually bought a birthday cake thinking it was better late than never. I was totally surprise and overwhelmed with happiness and love. I start cutting the cake but stop in the middle when someone told me that I haven’t blown off the candle light yet.


And, I received beautiful gifts on the occasion of my birthday, a pen to write, a diary to write on and a key chain, from some special friends. They were the one who knows I love writing and their act motivate me to write more and more, try harder and work hard to improve and become a better writer.




          First:  A true and good friend is the one who is there to help you. It was raining for the last three days and I have to take my mom for medical check up on 10th of the month. It was Sunday. The rain was not taking a chance to stop. We don’t have cars where we can take my mom without being exposed to rain. So I decided to call up my best friend and told him that I need his help. Without saying a word he came at 6:30 pm and we went together to the clinic. He decided to wait inside the car itself without listening to my request to come inside with us.

But when we came out after we meet the doctor it was already 10:30 pm. He dropped us back at home and we said good night.He was there when I really needed someone’s help and that’s called true friendship. 

    Second: As December was the last month of the year, everyone in office was expecting lots of work to complete. And we were about to get leave of three days straight. That means there was no time for us to celebrate the year ending as well as the New Year. So on the 29th day, we decided to leave from office little early and have a small party together.

Seven of us came out together, but one of our friend@sister was force to go home for some important work. So it left us only six of us. We went to “Smoked House” a restaurant worth visiting sometime in Manipur. We had some delicious barbeque smoked chicken, pizza and some other.


So here it was some of my wonderful and beautiful memories. I thank God for the amazing year he has given and let us all say Good Bye for one last time again to 2017 and welcome the New Year 2018.

I thank you all who are taking out time to read my memories, and please share yours if you like to, in the comment section.

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