First Day at School

First day at school is always a special memory. It is really so special because some memorable incident might have happen to almost everyone, as a result it stays as a memory. But we never had that feeling that it will one day be so special that we will never regret remembering it again and again. For some children, heart fills with mixed emotions of happiness  and sadness . Some were happy as they were going to school and meeting new friends. And at the same time sad, as they were leaving their parents and their sweet home. Although it’s just for some hours only but to them   they never care. They are  going to a very new place without anyone of their known person around.

But overall, very small we were that we only have one thought, “Yeah, I am going to school”. Something new and exciting feelings were always there. It makes us felt like we are doing some big or great work. But the moment we reach the school entrance, our heart starts pounding, confuse if it was out of excitement or nervousness. All we knew was it’s a new thing for me.

When I start my school, my elder and cousin brother were already in the first standard and Kindergarten. That makes me feel happy and excited. But, I was so innocent; I didn’t know they will be not sitting together at all with me. The time came for them and my parents to leave me in the class. Suddenly my heart turns so soft and emotional, didn’t know tears rolling down from my eye.

Seeing me cry, one of my classmates gave me some sweets. The moment I took it on my hand, I stop crying. Of course every child will do that. And you wouldn’t believe what happen the next moment. It was the time for regret. They brought in toys and sweets for those children who were still crying. I thought, Oh My God; why did I stop? I was wishing either I was still crying or they brought the toys little earlier. But it was never to be happened.

The real funny part was yet to come. After two classes, we do get a small break for around 10 minutes. But in my first day, I was nowhere to know that. So what happen was, my elder and cousin brother came to see me. They were too having the class break and were standing just outside my classroom. They were hoping that I might feel happy seeing them. But what I thought was they came to pick me up. So I lift my bag and hurdle through the benches and other students and came out. I walked up to the door, but on the way my class teacher stopped me and asked,

Teacher, “Where are you going?”

Me,           “My brother has come to pick me up. They are standing outside the door. Over                            there (I held up my small finger and point outside the door)”

Teacher, “The class is not yet over. It’s just a small break.”

(She took my bag and said)

“But you can go and meet them”

I came out straight to my brother and lodge a complaint to him about my teacher.

I still smile whenever I remember that incident. It was one of the lovely and wonderful memories that I ever had.

I hope you had some old memory about your first day at school or may be second. Please feel free to share a small part of it here in comment section, and let us all take a chance to remember it together.

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