Smile, the Hope of Happiness

Any incident and its after effect in our life never last forever. Yes agreed the consequences may be worst and more than sad but it doesn’t mean that it will affect our whole life.

Like we all know, when it rains the weather changes and day becomes darker in the wind and storm. No person ever like that situation. But it stops at the end of the day. It feels like we got back our breathing space.

When we fall down, we never end up in that fallen position. Suddenly or some moment later we will try to get up. Yes, only after checking and reassuring ourselves that we are fine. The situation differs if we have some broken bones or twisted nerves or ankle. But still, before we are fully recover; we get advice to start movement.

Our pain would go one day, no matter how strong it was. When I say that it is the physical pain (result of a fight or a punishment) as well as the pain in our heart, cause by a betrayal. We are seeing this second type very often nowadays.

On the edge of the darkness, we can see light. Bright or not it doesn’t matter. What we should know, it will be not dark all night long. But after knowing this fact, some people are still withering as if feeling and seeing the beauty of morning is never in their fate anymore.

We can never know how long our happy moment will last for. So to this end, what we can do is enjoy our every precious happy moment and try to live our life in fullest. It will take no time for that happy moment to change side to sadness. You know everyone swap sides.

Likewise, always smile and smile ever whenever our life is in a worst phase. It will make us strong enough to live with the situation and face it. It will give pace to the happy phase to cover up the sadness. It will give us a hope. A hope, that someday again our life will shine bright no matter if it is dark in that moment.

After all, who knows our one little smile may bring happiness to someone?

2 thoughts on “Smile, the Hope of Happiness

  1. People are so delusional nowadays including I. There are certain issues in our lifestyle and in our environment which are very much in need of attentions of expertise. And I’m very happy that you are contributing. Keep up the good work brother and keep it coming.

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