Leap Year

“She was frustrated, angry. She could not wait for long any further. She looks out for a way to solve her worries and found out a way. She went down to her boyfriend’s place thinking to propose him”.

Did I just said propose him? Yes I did. You might have started to sense what I am going to talk about. But for them, who could not and cloud of confusion still hovering around, I will tell you. It is about a romantic comedy film “Leap Year” directed by Anand Tucker. The film was about a woman travelling down to Ireland to ask her boyfriend to accept her wedding proposal on leap year.
I guess all have started to see my intention. I am going to talk about Leap Year. And yes this 2016 is a Leap year too. I have heard many of the stories and seen too, of course in Internet and movies. But I have never actually experience by myself.

According to almost all people, this culture or tradition of proposing a man by woman, on the leap day of leap year was first started in Ireland. It was then spread to Scotland then to Europe. In places where this tradition of proposal is accepted and followed, it is amazing. What are you waiting for, ladies and girls? Grasp your ring and charge your boyfriends or even the handsome stranger on whom you had crush for these whole long years.
Some of you might feel lucky, for getting at least one day where you can do the proposal. And some might be protesting with anger and sadness. Is the single day in four years acceptable? What I think is, everything happens for good cause and do not aspect more.
I am not here to discuss about it. Leave it aside folks; it is a day that comes after every four long years. Have you ever thought of celebrating or just remembering this day in a special way? What do you think you can do? According to what I feel, we can celebrate with our friends and family organizing a get together. Having a dinner together, sharing lots of talks which were not able to get, because everyone was busy in some or other.

The Leap day is added to balance the yearly calendar. The earth does not take exactly 365 days to complete the full orbital rotation. So like the earth adding one day extra to make perfect her work, we can take the opportunity of this leap day and rectify our mistakes and relation.
Besides, we can even celebrate birthdays of our friends who were born on leap day of leap year, i.e., the 29th February. Yes we cannot find more of them but surely we all must be having at least one friend who is a Leaping. We can make the day special. After all, for them they are celebrating and cutting a birthday cake after four years.

On other years, they used to celebrate their birthday either on February 28th or March 01st. But they cut cake every after four year. So wishing them and making them feel special will be an awesome feeling for them as well as for us too. We will get happiness when we see them happy. That is the nature of human being.

I do not have many ideas on my mind. So if you have anything that we can do on leap day-leap year, will be happy to see on comments.

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