Making Ourselves Occupied, Digging Out From Leisure Time

Previously I posted for the last time on the day of New Year 2016. I thought it is a long way to go this year, with all my commitment and bucket full of plans. I decided why not take a chance of this auspicious day of New Year and post something as good luck wish. But didn’t have anything on my mind so just put together some words and sentences and yes, finished. I just posted, at least something on New Year. If really it was worth reading? The decision is up to the reader.
But we all know that it takes more time to think what to write. Usually, for a good and inspiring post, everyone takes a week or two sometimes a month even. And, it is during this period, we will only be able to sum up information from all corners and new thoughts to write it down. In my case, just after the New Year post, it took me a long two months to figure it out for the next post. Still, I was out of my mind, no conclusion.
Then came, at last the thought of why not I write it up about how I wasted the two months. Isn’t that a good idea? I don’t know if it is but at least I was happy. I got something to write about. So where do I start? Although there is no specific reason, I was keeping myself busy. I will tell you why.
For someone who is blogging to gain income, they normally engaged on the development, customizing, posting and updating of their sites. Day to day they are waiting to put up their next post and catch the traffic. On the other hand, those who are maintaining the blog as a hobby or for the interest they have in writing. They have their first priority jobs.And the blogging comes in their life as secondary. But, even though if you are not able to concentrate on your blog, at least do some other activities. Be busy.
It is not only about blogging but it fits for other professionals with jobs unrelated to writing and blogging. They may be in Information Technology and Software Engineer, Business and Entrepreneur, Universities and Professor, Medical and Doctors, Media and Journalist and all. If you are on leave or out of mood to do your work, try something, which will be useful to yourself and others. As long as we keep ourselves occupied with a work or another, it is a good sign of a good and normal life. Being busy and occupied does not really allow dullness and tiredness to conquer our mind.
But, unused brain is like the beehive of bad things and its like a rusted sword under your bed. It will make our life worst, life will seems to be deteriorating. It will be like a withered flower without any life and fragrance.
So why am I rounding around the bush from the start. It is for nothing but to tell everyone that we should keep ourselves busy and occupied all the time with any sort of work and activities. Never let free and leisure kill our time and makes us irresponsible. Never say hello, never welcome the devil of free time.

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