Welcoming the year 2016

It is the time to wrap up all things as the 2015 season of our life is on the verge of ending. It is good news, for the reason that a brand new season 2016 is on our way. But, when we sum up all the happenings and moments that have happened, some of us will be satisfied and some not.

For some it was a successful season; for some it was a difficult season. Success never shows up in their doors. 

Close one departed from our life. Only the difference was the way. Some got partners and started a new chapter of life, they got married. Some of them spend their last moments of their life. They died; they closed their chapter of life.

Some got new jobs and promoted; some got fired and some remain unemployed.

Some got new friends; some got rejected and broke up.

It was a year that was a mixer of all possible things, although we were hoping for the best.

With the coming of a new year 2016, we all can restart all the things freshly and try to maintain it in a better way than our just ended 2015.

But, before that we can all thank God, for keeping us healthy and safe. We should pull our socks up and be ready for whatever will be coming up on our way in 2016.

Wishing you all my friends – “Happy New Year 2016”. Have a prosperous, success and happy season ahead.

What was your story in 2015 and how do you like the new year 2016 to be? You can kindly use the comment area to express it.

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