Meeting Someone Destined To…

How do we meet people? Is it by our choice or just a coincidence or fate? May be some of you might have the thinking, “who cares” ? We have actually meet people in different places and situation. While travelling on a train or a bus or while standing in a long queue for example. And many other possible incidents. All of them are for that particular moment only. They will not be in our life forever.

But except for some special one. And this special one never come often and can’t find easily. Meeting them is like once in a blue moon. So when we meet a person, we need to make sense of it, try to sort it out the reason behind meeting them, when there are millions of people around us. I do not feel it as a coincidence but there must be some good reason.

As my story goes, I have met lots of good people. Out of which quite few of them are only in touch now. I never imagine that oneday I will meet them, whom I have never known and never seen before or never in mind have any idea from where they were? These important people were from my college and university, workplace, social media and many more. You might be thinking meeting them all as normal. But why some of them only, randomly selected from among the many uncountable number we have encountered with?

It is because they were already cast as important characters for our play of life. The life we are going to live with. At some point or other these characters were to appear and they were waiting for their scene. We cannot complete a story in one go but instead we must follow it chapter by chapter. These special people were waiting for each chapter to begin in our life. Almost every happy or sad moment of our life will surely be related with one or more of these people.

One incident I can narrate, about meeting dozens of people in my life. It was actually from the very addictive and most wanted online Smartphone android game Clash of Clan. Warning, it is so addictive that we canโ€™t quit, but as for me, I have. But it was almost similar with other social media networks. People from different places came together under a single roof of a team, termed as clan. All members played online through their respective Smartphone. They trained troops, attack other clanโ€™s village, go for war and celebrate together after winning the war and gaining clan perk points. I was a member of a clan known as Manipur Nongsha. Still I am but inactive from last some months. All the clan members decided to plan for a get together offline. We canโ€™t be online all the time, you know that. What I want to express is that all of us got to know of each other very well through the medium of a small application. We never imagine and thought that it is possible. But if we were really destined to meet with them, then any place or anytime are possible.

Manipur Nongsha clan members (from L-T: amarjit,angocha,michael, Taa Naoba,thanil,bulu,bobo,bony,uma,khongnangthaba,vero,… )(from R-D : donald, dilip,sumax,bidyananda, Rony, AK ,Valmiki,…)


Manipur Nongsha (clan members)
Manipur Nongsha (clan members)
Manipur Nongsha clan members fun time
Manipur Nongsha clan members putting up tent(of course it was hot)

So I feel that it has been already written in the cards. With the movement of sun and moon up there, down here these people will start to introduce in our life. They will surely have an important role in our days to come. Either we can wait or we can find out, if we are very eager to know their roles in our life. For it we do not need to follow any unrelated process but it is a matter of correct and appropriate time.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Someone Destined To…

  1. Da sumax fajeiye. Eikhoideid eymbana henna ym lummna lwrme. M so lucky to have you as my brother . Thanks for being a part of our life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks bro, for taking out some time to read it from your busy schedule of “Clan” ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜. I am so lucky to have you all.


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