Remembering Our Childhood Life

If anyone still remembers childhood life, it means we had a good and memorable one. Those people who has a blurry picture of making excuses to mom for skipping schools. Crying for every say No by our mom to whatever we wish to do in our childhood life. It is just a matter of fact that he or she is not very much interested in remembering those days or may be hardly get time to do so. But it does not mean that they have a worse memory.

Childhood memories never die
Childhood memories never die

Everything goes on hardly by our decision but still every time we spend in our early days deserves a remembrance. It starts from the fights with brother over some chocolates and toffees, with sister for TV remote control, getting a good thrashing from mom for telling lie, making excuses to skip schools to watch our favorite cartoon show up to going out with family on weekends, getting boxes of gifts on birthday, playing hide-and-seek with friends, listening to old stories from granny. All this childhood memories can give us some kind of relaxation and happiness after may be around some two decade of years. When it will not be comparable with spending weekends with our friends, working in a busy office with co-workers, and at the same time cannot be bought with tones of money and wealth. It will come unaware with the passes of our life and time.

We might be from a rich family or poor, but everyone will have memories of their childhood. It is not related with our wealth rather it is with our life experiences. So for those who hardly get chance to recollect, please do try to remember your childhood past. And just feel it. We will get an amazing and awesome feeling that we cannot get from anywhere around this big world. Everyone will agree with the fact that childhood was, is and will be our best period of our life.

             Cheers for our childhood memories

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